The first HumanForest has been planted in London!

Aug 27 2020

To our ever-growing, evergreen forest of Treenions, we wanted to say a huge thank you for coming on this journey with us! It’s hard to believe that it’s only been two months since we first launched and yet so many of you – from millennials to near-octogenarians (our oldest rider so far has been 78-years-old!) - have got on our bikes and got out there.

We’re so thrilled with the movement gaining momentum and especially with all of your wonderful feedback, which we love to hear! It almost feels like yesterday, not the end of June, when we first launched in Islington before branching out into Camden just weeks later. But so much has happened since then! On top of the figures that speak for themselves, it’s been your personal stories which have really made it all worth the ride for us.

Our team have felt like we’ve been on every journey along with you, from the emotional moment of dropping our first ‘baby’ off in the ‘forest’ to a big team cheers when we reached 35 rides at the same time on one day, we’ve been celebrating and cheering every milestone from the sidelines and will continue to do so! It was one thing launching the service virtually but getting to see everything IRL has been mind-blowing – every time we see someone out and about enjoying our bikes it makes us forget all the blood, sweat and toil that it took to transform our idea into a reality.

It was a definite ‘pinch-me’ moment when we saw two people who had never met before having a picnic with two HumanForest bikes – it just went to confirm how we are all connected to each other like a forest! And it was hard holding ourselves back from butting in when we overheard someone exclaim to their friend in shock "it's free, that can't be true!"
It is true.

We want you to continue to enjoy our bikes for virtually nothing because we believe that there are so many of you out there who share in our vision of a cleaner, greener London.

Everything about HumanForest – from the bikes themselves to the way they charge – was created using the most sustainable and ecologically responsible option. And it’s incredible to see our fellow Londoners appreciate all the details and decisions that we consciously made to ensure that our bikes are as environmentally friendly as they are. One Treenion was so impressed by the electric van that transports and charges our bikes that they affirmed we really are "walking the walk" – which is exactly what we want to do while you ride the ride!

We are really passionate about creating a sustainable, cheap and fun alternative to public transport and love hearing about all of you who are equally committed to sustainable mobility.

It’s also particularly encouraging to hear that even more of you are searching for alternatives in light of Coronavirus - To be fair the stuffy tube doesn’t seem that effective, or appealing, when we’re all trying to maintain a social distance. And it appears that many of you agree - we’ve seen repeat users using the bikes up to five times a day, which just goes to show that our bikes offer an easy and efficient alternative to traditional transportation in London.

Looking at the stats and feedback from just this first month alone, it’s clear that many of you share in our excitement and commitment to the environment’s health as well as our own personal health. And it's you fitness buffs who want to get from A to Z while getting fit who continue to inspire us towards achieving a healthy and active lifestyle, so thank you!

But more to the point our bikes are fun! Nothing beats the feeling of freedom when you’re pedalling through the historic streets of London with the wind whipping through your hair – and our Treenion who went on a five hour trip, circumventing the outskirts of London, is testament to that!

Once again we want to say a huge thank you to all of you who’ve come along on the journey with us so far, we love to hear all of your stories, and for those unearthed Treenions out there – please come and join us for the ride!

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